OSCA is a specialist in tensile fabric architecture.

Ocean Shade Canopies & Awnings develops imaginative yet robust fabric structures and fabric screening for the marine environment.

All canopies and awnings are fully engineered and wind loaded to handle the extreme conditions at sea.

The company works in both the new build and refurbishment sectors offering elegant shade solutions for public spaces, bars and restaurant spaces for alfresco dining, cabana designs, ceilings and partitioning.


Ocean Shade- Canopies and Awnings: Cruise

We work both directly with a cruise line or through an Outfitting firm offering one to one contract throughout the duration of any project.

There is certainly a can do attitude throughout OSCA and having been built around action rather than reaction we are well suited to the tight time frames required when dry docking and very often the last minute client requests.

We are able to resource multiple projects around the globe making OSCA the go to company for canopy work and more.

Ocean Shade- Canopies and Awnings: Superyacht

OSCA has a division dedicated to the Super Yacht industry producing both demountable and permanent canopies and awnings.

Demountable canopies use carbon masts with an 8-1 tensioning system within the mast. Light weight, easy to handle and to stow away this arrangement is slick and minimalist. Versions of this arrangement can be produced in polished Stainless Steel.

Permanent structures are all based around aesthetic and style of  the yacht. We have produced canopies in classical styling working in bronze for connections and carbon, to modern aluminium arrangements, creating large comfortable spaces that otherwise would be under used due to the lack of shade.

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